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    23 Beyoncé-Inspired Things You Can Buy On Etsy

    What better way to celebrate Queen Bey's birthday than with a scented candle molded in her image? NO WAY THAT'S HOW.

    1. This saintly print.

    2. This v. informative eye chart.

    3. These "Upgrade U" earrings.

    4. This Destiny's Child camera case.

    5. These Jay-Z and Beyoncé stickers.

    6. This mind-blowing artwork.

    7. This trite but true phone case.

    8. This highly literal fridge magnet.

    9. And these "Wonder Women" bottle cap magnets.

    10. This soap.

    11. This knockoff Louis Vuitton "Say My Name" bag.

    12. This Tinder tank.

    13. This important message.

    14. This guitar pick belly button ring?

    15. This goofy-yet-still-totally-charming shirt.

    16. This "Single Ladies" light box.

    17. This mug.

    18. This pop art tote bag.

    19. This phone case.

    20. And this one.

    21. This uplifting bracelet.

    22. This prayer candle.

    23. This baby onesie.