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    28 Adorable DIY Gadget Cases

    Your phone doesn't deserve to be boring. Neither does your laptop, e-reader, tablet, or whatever else the kids are using these days.

    1. Printable Phone Case Templates

    2. Leather Phone Envelope

    3. Favorite Photo Phone Case

    4. Cross-Stitch Phone Case

    5. Needlepoint Phone Cases

    6. Even More Needlepoint Phone Cases

    7. Starry Phone Case

    8. Washi Tape Phone Case

    9. Confetti Phone Case

    10. Knitted Owl Phone Cozy

    11. Crocheted Monster Phone Cozy

    12. Felt and Leather Phone Sleeve

    13. Polka Dot Phone Case

    14. Felt Phone Sleeve

    15. Sharpie Phone Case

    16. Glitter Phone Case

    17. Modge Podge Tablet Case

    18. Cabled Tablet Cover

    19. Scalloped Felt Tablet Case

    20. Lace-Trimmed E-Reader Case

    21. Fabric Scrap E-Reader Case

    22. Etch-A-Sketch Tablet Cover

    23. Geometric Laptop Sleeve

    24. Recycled Book Laptop Case

    25. Totoro Laptop Bag

    26. Leather Laptop Sleeve

    27. Leather Laptop Satchel

    28. Felt Phone, Laptop and Tablet Cases