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    26 Ways To Make Glitter Your New Smokey Eye

    One good thing about the cold weather is it means you won't sweat off all your eye makeup. But instead of just doing the same boring old dark gray smokey eye again next time you get dressed up, you should definitely consider something a little more disco.

    1. Large chunks of glitter:

    From A Few Sparks. Be careful not to get any in your eye.

    2. Golden glitter:



    Instructions here.

    5. Glitter, plus gold foil, plus turquoise shadow, plus false eyelashes:

    Doesn't this look kind of remind you of your great-aunt's heirloom vase? From Charlotte Kibbles.

    6. How to apply mermaid-colored shadow:

    Ariel would be proud.

    7. Dramatically contoured:


    9. Black glitter:

    This was pinned along with the comment "I'll be over glitter eyeshadow when blogs are over 'Girls.'"



    12. Reddish eyeshadow that's actually wearable:

    Seems like she didn't stop at her eyes with the glitter application.

    13. How to apply glitter on top of shadow:

    Gives you more options to play around with; you could change up your base shadow or the color of the glitter you're using and find some cool combinations.

    14. Bronze glitter:


    16. Silver glitter:

    Now THAT is an eyebrow.

    17. If you're not ready to try full-on eyeshadow, layering glitter liner is a more subtle way to start:



    From Love the graphic liner.

    20. Glitter brows and lower lids:

    21. Or you can skip your eyes entirely.

    And just use shiny stuff to mask your undereye circles.

    By Instagram user lisaray_

    22. Glitter with false lashes:

    23. Jewel-toned glitter:



    By Instagram user makeupbyebru

    26. Rainbow glitter:

    Facebook: MostBabealicious

    In conclusion, glitter is the best. By Most Babealicious Makeup.

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