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    24 Wedding Fails That Will Make You Never Want To Get Married


    1. This graceful entrance.

    2. This upside-down proposal.

    3. And this misspelled one.

    4. And this heartbreaking one.

    Hopefully that was not, in fact, Naomi.

    5. This even-more-heartbreaking typo.


    7. This stumbly dad.

    8. This falling flower girl.

    9. These itchy bridesmaids.

    10. And these naked ones.

    Say no to strapless.

    11. This truly unfortunate wedding announcement.

    12. And this one.

    13. Also this one.

    14. This confetti gun that is too powerful for its own good.

    I am imagining a narrative in which the groomsman is totally in love with the bride and passive-aggressively (well, really kind of aggressively) taking it out on the groom with the help of his young sidekick.

    15. This cake that just could not.

    16. This all-purpose convenience store.

    It's in Windsor, Maine, if you feel like popping by.

    17. This photo, taken at the exact moment Grandma fell.

    18. These groomsmen who aren't as athletic as they think.

    19. This deeply literal cake.

    20. This unsupportive friend.

    21. And this unsupportive dock.

    22. This overly enthusiastic cake smash.

    The couple that bleeds together, stays together.

    23. This totally unenthused groom.

    24. This.

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