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    23 Weird But Awesome Knitted Things

    Everything can be knitted. A leotard, that deer head on your wall — it's all fair game (pun most definitely intended) this fall.

    1. Knitted leotard:

    2. A cozy for your trailer:

    3. And your bike:

    By a group of yarn-bombers (it's like graffiti, only harmless and heartwarming) called Bombing Yarn Over Bend from Bend, Oregon. They named the bike "Lantern Rouge." No word on how it rides.

    4. Lampshades:


    This one's crochet, but it still counts. By user Vilma on Ravelry, an incredible social network for knitters and crocheters.

    6. Taxidermy:

    7. Overalls:

    Buy it from FreePeople for $88.

    8. Hot air balloons:

    From Kid's Room Inspiration Ideas. I don't have any kids, but I do want these.

    9. Armchairs:

    From BiscuitScout on Etsy.



    By LKBknits. These chairs look like they'd either be incredibly cozy or annoyingly knobbly on bare skin.

    12. Full-length gowns:

    13. Nikes (yes, these are actually knitted, although not by hand):

    They're the 2012 Nike HTM FlyKnits; the upper part of the sneaker is knitted and woven out of supportive cables in order to increase breathability.

    14. Clocks:


    16. This felted elephant tea cozy and egg-warmer:

    17. Books:

    From Craftivore. You could easily make this into a Kindle cover too (although that might be missing the point).

    18. Curtains:

    Pattern available at

    19. Knitted stools:

    Again with the cozy vs. knobbly. By Claire-Anne O'Brien.

    20. Ottoman Pouf:

    Perfectly sized for babies. By Tricomondesophie.

    21. Hot water bottle cozies:

    Or... flask coozies. By Eskimami

    22. Rock cozies:

    Because even rocks need sweaters.

    23. Apple cozies:

    Apples too! Perfect for a nippy fall day.

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