21 Centerpieces You Can Easily DIY

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner! And then Christmas! And then wedding season! Actually, there's no time of year when your table wouldn't benefit from a nice decoration.

    1. Use a thin slab of wood to instantly make a vase of flowers look more special:

    2. Forgo flowers and display dried stalks of wheat instead:

    3. Make a centerpiece out of corks and candles:

    4. Make a terrarium centerpiece:

    5. Those are ACTUAL GOURDS being used as vases:

    6. You could also use a pineapple:

    7. Stack a jar or vase on vintage books:

    8. Or turn an old book into a pumpkin:

    9. Wrap a page around a jar to make a unique vase:

    10. Mason jars can become all kinds of centerpieces, like these spray-painted ones:

    11. Build a surprisingly easy box for your Mason jars for a more cohesive look:

    12. If you're having a space/ rave-themed Thanksgiving (because, who wouldn't), make these glow-in-the-dark jars as a centerpiece:

    13. Float candles in the jars to light up your table:

    14. Or float some Granny Smiths:

    15. Make a rustic centerpiece with bark:

    16. Nothing screams "fall" like a tumbler full of cranberries:

    17. Cut an old globe in half and fill it with fall foliage:

    18. Make a tree out of scrap paper:

    19. No Thanksgiving would be complete without a festive cornucopia:

    20. Use vintage doilies to make this elegant vase:

    21. Feeling kitschy? Make a turkey centerpiece entirely out of vegetables: