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21 Centerpieces You Can Easily DIY

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! And then Christmas! And then wedding season! Actually, there's no time of year when your table wouldn't benefit from a nice decoration.

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1. Use a thin slab of wood to instantly make a vase of flowers look more special:

Owls optional. A lot of craft stores sell slices of tree trunks this time of year, and you can order them here as well. (Or just ask your best lumberjack friend to help you out.)

2. Forgo flowers and display dried stalks of wheat instead:

They're available at farmer's markets and in craft stores; the advantage to using these, besides the fact that they are pretty and smell great, is that your sightlines will be much more clear and you can see all of your guests' smiling faces. This is something to consider with all centerpieces.


10. Mason jars can become all kinds of centerpieces, like these spray-painted ones:

The crafter who made this project used them for Easter, so she applied rabbit decals, but you could leave them plain or pick some other kind of seasonal image (a turkey, perhaps?)


16. Nothing screams "fall" like a tumbler full of cranberries:

If you have a candle stand, great; if not, the cup would still look awesome sitting on the table. Fill a cup with cranberries and a little water, than set a floating candle on top. Do not eat the cranberries as they will be waterlogged and dripping in wax.