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    20 Home Furnishings That Are Borderline Magic

    A shelf is just a shelf, UNTIL IT BECOMES STAIRS.

    1. These shelves turned staircase.

    Designed by Danny Kuo.

    2. This expandable table.

    It's called the Fletcher Capstan Table and if I owned one I would just spin back and forth around it all damn day.

    3. This mirror that doubles as an ironing board.

    For all your grooming needs. By Aissa Logerot.

    4. This never-ending candlestick.

    It's called the Rekindle and it's by Benjamin Shine.

    5. This dining table that unfolds into a pool table.

    Or pool table that refolds into a dining table.

    6. This shape-shifting door.

    7. This bench-turned-dining set.

    8. This couch-turned-bunk bed.

    It's been discontinued by the manufacturer, which notes that 95% of the people interested in this product ultimately wound up purchasing a bunk bed anyway. NOT THE POINT.

    9. This inflatable grill.

    Designed by Goci so that you can tuck it away when it's not in use.

    10. This pod of furniture.

    It's called the Obelisk and it makes for a very compact impromptu dinner party.

    11. This foldable chair.

    The Flux Chair puts Ikea to shame.

    12. This retractable dining table.

    By Nobuhiro Teshima.

    13. This kitchen-in-a-cube.

    Designed by Goci.

    14. This living room / bedroom.

    By Resource Furniture, which carries tons of space-saving (and pricey) setups like this one.

    15. This stove chair?

    Seems sort of like a massive fire waiting to happen but hey, dance what you feel. By Vestal Design.

    16. This chair that begat ANOTHER CHAIR.

    17. This table that becomes a loveseat.

    Perfect for tiny-space living. By Ecosystems.

    18. This transparent TV.

    Michael Friebe / Via

    By Michael Friebe. This kind of technology is just starting to come into mass production.

    19. This ping-pong table slash door.

    Follow designer Tobias Fränzel for information on its release.

    20. And this couch slash punching bag.

    Also by Tobias Fränzel, who can come design my life any time he wants.

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