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    17 Things You Should Do Right Now

    You'll feel a million times better, I swear.

    1. Check your voicemail.

    Yes it's scary and annoying and nobody wants to do it but when it's done, it's done.

    2. While you're at it, you might want to change your voicemail greeting.

    Especially if you haven't done so since Obama was elected.

    3. Book that appointment you've been putting off.

    Until they invent self-flossing teeth, you should probably just suck it up and go.

    4. Throw something out.


    Maybe it's that stack of papers you thought you might need in the indeterminate future and absolutely do not; maybe it's that beloved but completely busted pair of shoes that any cobbler would laugh in the face of. You know what it is, and it has to go.

    5. Check your bank balance.

    I know, it's way more appealing to maintain a head-in-the-sand relationship with your financial status, but it's better just to know what's up.

    6. And your credit score.


    You can get yours for free at Credit Karma.

    7. Drink a glass of water.

    Chances are you're not getting nearly enough. No better feeling than peeing clear.

    8. Text your mom.

    Or your dad, or your grandma, or your best friend, or anyone for whom a little message from you would brighten their day.

    9. Cancel a subscription you never use anymore.

    Whether it's a magazine you wish you read but never seem to make the time for or one of the four video services you funnel money into every month.

    (BONUS: Start using sick '90s burns on all your enemies.)

    10. Clean up your desktop.

    Doesn't that look so clean and beautiful and uncluttered? (Plus, it's a great way to feel productive while you procrastinate.)

    11. Make a folder in your work email for compliments you've received.

    When you're feeling down or unmotivated, you can just look at all the positive feedback you've racked up. This works for everyday life too!

    12. Change your desktop and phone backgrounds.


    13. Take a quick walk.

    Even if it's just around the office or your house, it'll do you a world of good to get up and stretch. Plus, if you stare at a screen all day (YES, THIS VERY SCREEN), it's important to give your eyes a rest every so often.

    14. Now that you have looked at a pair of dogs, look at this cat.

    Maybe you identify with the cat's confusion, searching for meaning and direction in a world that seems to offer none. Maybe you feel better, knowing that at least your life is more together than this mute, questioning animal, or at bare minimum that you have opposable thumbs.

    15. Take a few deep breaths.

    It'll calm you down and help you refocus.

    16. Blast a song you dig.

    View this video on YouTube

    If you're around others, blast it ~quietly~ while wearing ~headphones~.

    17. If you are at home/by yourself/somewhere it's not wildly inappropriate to do so, take off your pants.

    If you're even wearing any to begin with.

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