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    25 Times "Friday Night Lights" Made Us Feel Too Much

    It's hard to have clear eyes when your heart's so full you're sobbing.

    1. When Jason Street got injured in the very first episode and you immediately knew you were in for an emotional journey.

    2. When Tim finally visited Jason in the hospital and Jason confronted him about not showing up sooner.

    3. When Eric and Tami showed us what love and respect look like, giving us all the #RelationshipGoals.

    4. When Coach asked Tami to let go of her adult sensibilities for a second and just remember what it felt like to be a free little kid playing outside.

    5. When they freaking WON STATE and, in that moment, everything felt perfect.

    6. When Smash gives his team a much-needed pep-talk after being suspended, and when he's finally alone breaks down in the locker room.

    7. When Tyra's mom encouraged her and tried to wipe the doubt out of her heart.

    8. When Tyra finally finished the perfect college admissions essay and let us know it was perfectly OK to want.

    9. And when her hard work and hustle finally paid off, and SHE GOT IN TO UT. Her dream came true.

    10. When Matt felt sad and abandoned by everyone in his life but Coach Taylor had his back.

    11. When Smash found out he finally got a scholarship to play college football and played one last pick-up game with his friends.

    12. When Tami told Eric that she was unexpectedly pregnant again and they were happier than ever.

    13. When Timmy said goodbye to his football career after losing the State Championship and left his cleats on the field.

    14. When Tim lectured Lyla to get her life together, but made sure to let her know how deeply he cared about her.

    15. When Street decides to stay in New Jersey with his girlfriend and son, and Tim gives him a proper goodbye.

    16. When Becca found out she was pregnant and asked Tami for advice.

    17. When Coach Taylor told Vince that he was so proud of how far he'd come.

    18. When Matt's dad died and he let out all the pain he'd been holing up in his heart.

    19. When Julie showed us what love is in her pain at watching Matt suffer.

    20. When Becky moved out and you realized just how much her presence had meant to Mindy.

    21. When Timmy made his sacrifice and went to jail in his brother's place.

    22. When Julie told Matt she couldn't follow him to Chicago until she figured out what her own dreams were.

    23. And when, over a year later, Matt and Julie got engaged and decided to carve out their dreams as a team.

    24. When Coach Taylor told his wife that he wanted her to take her dream job as Dean of Admissions at a college in Philadelphia and that he'd follow her wherever she went.

    25. When Tim and Tyra gave each other hope, and really showed us all that Texas is forever. <3