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    19 Reasons Lydia Martin Is The Undeniable Queen Of "Teen Wolf"

    You know it, she knows it.

    1. She's the kind of person who casually learns archaic latin in her free time.

    2. And she sees strength in herself where others might see weakness.

    3. She's grown in ways she would have never predicted way back in season one.

    4. And she's been a literal genius since the very beginning.

    5. Lydia Martin suffers no fools.

    6. Girl's also sex positive AF. No one dares shame Lydia Martin.

    7. She knows how to throw a party.

    As long as you ignore the nightmare-inducing punch.

    8. She knows she's stronger than any of the shit the world throws at her, even when it feels like she isn't.

    9. And she's learned how to spot strength in other people as well.

    Can't we all relate to that?

    10. She is a straight-up goddess of math.

    11. She dealt relatively well with not knowing what the fuck was going on with her abilities for a hella long time.

    12. And girl knows how to glare daggers better than anyone.

    13. Her hero arc is mythic.

    14. No one's got lungs like Lydia.

    15. No one's got a heart like hers, either.

    16. For real, this heart is legendary.

    17. And it keeps on going no matter how much she loses.

    18. Oh, and girl's learning how to slay.

    19. I mean, we all love Scott McCall — but we also know how much Lydia rocks as the show's central hero.