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12 Emmys "Jane The Virgin" Deserves

It deserves a bunch of Emmy Awards that exist in real life. And also these.

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Most fall-to-spring seasons have wrapped by now, so as summer begins there's something in the air...

And it has inspired us, because it really will be a crying shame if Jane The Virgin does not get proper Emmy props this year.


While we wait for the actual nominations, here are a bunch that we'd like to award the show in the meantime...

Outstanding Voice Work That Singlehandedly Restored Your Faith In Voiceover

Outstanding Work By A Writer's Room In Remixing Genre


Outstanding Writing Of A Pregnancy That More Shows Could Learn From

(It doesn't all have to be jokes about hormones and morning sickness, guys.)

Outstanding Wisdom From A Lead Actress Not In Character

Outstanding Amount Of Plot Somehow Fit Into 22 Episodes


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