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    Where "Mad Men" Characters Are By 2015

    If we can't have a Sally Draper spin-off, we'll just have to make one in our brains.

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    Roger Sterling

    James Minchin III / AMC

    Roger died in 1972 while in flagrante with Marie. He rocked the mustache till the very end.

    Joan Holloway Harris


    Joan moves to Los Angeles with her production company. She never remarries but does find a partner who understands her deeply. She's quoted in the New York Times from time to time in pieces about what it was like to be a working woman in the '50s and '60s.

    Pete Campbell


    Pete's hairline keeps receding until there is nothing left but sideburns.

    Peggy Olson

    Jaimie Trueblood / AMC

    Contrary to Pete's prediction, Peggy becomes a creative director at McCann-Erickson in 1973. She becomes one of those names people utter in reverence when talking about advertising as art. Wins a butt ton of Clios. Just, like, so many.

    Stan Rizzo


    He and Peggy live contentedly in sin together in the East Village for many decades. They remain there to this day.

    Gene Draper


    Gene becomes a public speaker on the motivational circuit.

    Sally Draper

    Michael Yarish / AMC

    Sally does the heavy work in raising her brothers, but once they're grown enough to care for themselves she goes on her own adventure. She gets super into coke and heroin in the early '80s, but emerges by the end of the decade to write a memoir about her life that ties in her experiences and choices with those of her parents. It becomes a best-seller and is adapted for the screen as one of Nora Ephron's darker works.

    Bobby Draper


    Bobby has an identity crisis over his constantly changing faces. After many years in therapy Bobby decides that his calling in life is to pick up where his mother left off and become a therapist himself.

    Don Draper


    Don died in 1989, on the cusp of a new era. He married his therapist and called his children every three weeks (Sally every two weeks). When he remembered.

    Henry Francis


    Henry becomes a senator running on a platform that includes anti-smoking legislation.

    Megan Draper


    Megan marries a producer and plugs along as a C-list actress through the '80s.

    Dawn Chambers

    Jordin Althaus / AMC

    Joan recruits her for Holloway Harris to be the Joan that Joan used to be for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. She flourishes and they form a lifelong friendship. She's very happy she never has to hear another Don/Dawn joke ever again.

    Ted Chaough

    Michael Yarish / AMC

    Married that girlfriend we never met, plugged away at McCann, and then died in his office the day of his retirement.

    Glen Bishop


    Glen comes back from the war and writes a highly praised memoir about his time in Vietnam that is later revealed to be heavily fictionalized.

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