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17 Times Jane From "Jane The Virgin" Was Literally You

Jane Gloriana Villanueva, bright light of the 2014–2015 TV season.

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1. When she knew generosity has its limits.

2. When she knew how to TURN. UP. in celebration of herself.

3. When she got teary over an unexpected kindness.

4. When she knew exactly how to shut down an unneeded perspective.


5. When she fangirled over her favorite author.

6. When she embodied what talking to your crush is like sometimes.

7. And when this was her reaction to seeing some rando she'd made out with years ago.

8. Not to mention when this was her reaction to a good grilled cheese.


9. When she couldn't hide her inner judginess.

10. When she knew how to casually take the attention off of herself.

11. When she sassed herself through the drama in her life.

12. When she tried to navigate getting herself in over her head.


13. When her fantasies really went all out in the theatricality department.

14. When her anxiety over life sent her into the internet vortex.

15. For real though, the internet is a HAZARD.

16. But at least we had every single time she knew it was time to dance it out.

17. Which is really just at every opportunity.