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    This Tumblr Collects The Terrible Things People Say To Female Comedians

    Gonna need humans to stop.

    We're in a pretty great time when it comes to watching funny women be funny.


    On stage, on screen, in writing, on podcasts — there are so many funny ladies out there, and so many ways to bask in their glory.


    But as usual, there's an ugly underbelly here lurking, doing its best to taint the awesome.


    Enter the Tumblr "Actual Things People Have Said To Women Comics," which compiles anecdotes of day-to-day things that people say to women doing comedy.

    Many of the entries will make you side-eye the entirety of the world.

    They'll maybe make you feel a little stabby.

    Many of the accounts are baffling.

    Many of them force you to question why humans are the way that they are.


    Many of the people depicted here seem like they've just never ventured outside their own homes or turned on the TV.

    I mean...what?

    Putting yourself out there just seems to invite the weird awfulness in people.

    So many people seem so incapable of restraining the fuckboy within themselves.

    Why, world? World, why?

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