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    Posted on Apr 7, 2016

    These "Gilmore Girls" Candles Are Designed To Make You Feel Like You're In Stars Hollow

    Take me there.

    Gilmore Girls is coming back to us soon (but not soon enough).

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    A lot of us have spent the past decade trying to live by the Gilmore Girls doctrine.

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    We've read all the books on Rory's reading list.

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    We tried our best to take to coffee, because that's what the cool kids seem to drink.

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    And we talked as fast as our mouths would let us.

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    It's all been a lot, and TBH all I REALLY want is to live in Stars Hollow and it's VERY STRESSFUL that that's not possible.

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    But, like, at the very least there are Gilmore Girls candles to approximate the situation.

    They're from Pick Me Cups and for some reason they make me feel things???

    There's Vicious Trollop, inspired by the lipstick shade shared by Lorelai and Emily Gilmore.

    And there's Rory's Books, of course, because that's a requirement.

    There's a mystery one for Kirk, because sometimes you gotta live life on the edge.

    Jess gets his own, with a citrus mint scent.

    And then there's Coffee At Luke's. Because it wouldn't be Stars Hollow without it.


    Warner Bros.

    When will Stars Hollow be back in our lives???

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