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17 Times The Women Of "Grey's Anatomy" Made You Want To Conquer The World

They don't have time for your shit.

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1. When Izzie gave this straight-up ICONIC speech in response to misogyny in the workplace.

2. When Addison made it clear she didn't give a shit what other people were saying about her.

3. When Meredith found her true passion in life, and that it was surgery.

4. When Erica came into her sexuality and really realized for the first time that she was a lesbian.

5. Literally whenever Meredith and Cristina proved that you can do anything with the right friend by your side.

6. Because it's way more fun with a conspirator.

7. When Meredith SHUT DOWN Derek's attempts to slut-shame her.

8. When Meredith could finally be proud of her mother's legacy — as she worked to catch up to it.

9. When Cristina laid down the law and told Meredith to pick herself.

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10. And when Meredith took her advice to heart even when Cristina wasn't around anymore.

11. Anytime one of the women reveled in their own confidence.


12. When Amelia preached resilience.


13. And pretty much whenever one of them soldiered through their (many!) heartbreaks.

14. When Cristina waved away reductive compliments.

15. When Meredith stood up to her own trauma and actively worked to better herself.

16. Literally whenever one of these women made leaps and bounds in medical history.


17. And, of course, when Cristina demanded that we all be FIRE.

Will do, Cristina. WILL. DO.

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