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    Matthew McConaughey Is Having The Time Of His Life Alone At The Olympics

    Sometimes you gotta break out from the fam and do your own thing.

    In case you missed it, Matthew McConaughey is at the Rio Olympics.

    He's soaking up some truly chill alone time.

    He's seeing the sights.

    He's having some opinions.

    He's catching up on some calls.

    He's conversing and/or eavesdropping with ~the people~.

    In general, he's just having a grand old time watching some swimming competitions solo.

    Now, it should be noted that he didn't head to ALL the events ~*alone*~.

    His wife, Camila Alves, was there sometimes, and they got pretty into it.

    They were cute-ing it up all over the place.

    And plenty of selfies have been involved.

    But sometimes you just need to break out and do your own thing.

    Just, like, sit back, and relax...

    And get ready to get hype.

    We all know McConaughey's the leading expert in that.