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23 Times Tumblr's Love For Captain America Got It Right


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1. It is time we all accepted Chris Evans' Captain America as the muscle-bound but wounded bald eagle that he really is.

2. He is pure as a small patriotic puppy. It can be overwhelming at times.

3. We all show our love in different ways.

4. Some with concern.

5. Some simply by imagining some hijinks.

6. We thirst for him as he thirsts for his comrades' left boobs.

7. And sometimes we just have to cry.

Shoutout to Hamilton for helping that along.
Marvel / Via

Shoutout to Hamilton for helping that along.

8. Because we know we can be set aflame at any moment, simply with a freaking trailer description.

9. And Steve is a precious bab who we must protect at all costs.

10. Sometimes what we must love is his sass.

Marvel / Via

11. We love this guy for who he is deep down in his pre-Cap soul.


12. For his friendships and his deep-seated troll tendencies.


13. He's certainly taken us to...some places. And some jawlines.

Marvel / Via

14. Sometimes our devotion makes us want to drop him right into West Side Story.

15. He'd certainly be a noteworthy, uh, dancer.

Marvel / CBS / Via

16. And we all need ways to funnel our pain.

17. Like remembering our sweet Cap is most definitely a pottymouth.

18. And that we must have our vindication.

19. There are also the itsy bitsy shirts.

20. And our attempts to stare deep into his soul.


21. We are there for him through all of his losses, including that of Lil' Sebastian.

22. Because we know this is a man for the ages.

23. And, uh, there's always...this.

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