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We Need To Talk About How Iconic Hilary Duff's "Come Clean" Still Is

Let's go back. Back to the beginning.

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Listen THE FUCK up: We need to talk about the sheer, cucumber-melon-scented perfection that was Hilary Duff's seminal 2003 hit "Come Clean."

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That's the thing about this song: It's the perfect brand of melancholy, and its literal only message is to get you to WASH AWAY ALL THE SHIT PILING UP IN YOUR HEAD.

Or this sweater, which looks like the perfect cozy blanket wrapped around your shoulders and is maybe the most 2003 artifact we have.

Side note: This sweater stars in a scene in which Hilary and her friends are, too, watching a music video for "Come Clean" – starring Hilary Duff. Synergy! Meta commentary! Inception!


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