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    We Need To Talk About This Christening Speech From "Jane The Virgin"

    "I walk beside you."

    For a show that launched with such an eyebrow-raising concept — a woman gets accidentally artificially inseminated and has to navigate what she wants to do about it — Jane the Virgin is pretty grounded in its portrayal of the ups and downs of parenthood.

    Never was that more true than in one recent episode, when the show delivered an inspiring speech that made parents and children alike teary.

    Taking place across three generations, the speech was written by Jane's grandmother when she first immigrated to the U.S. and wanted to express to her baby daughter her dreams for her.

    "My precious child…these are the things I hope for you and your life. May you be bold. May you be brave. May you be loving and joyful and kind."

    "May you carry with you the vitality and spirit of the generations before you. Whatever you dream for your life, may you summon the strength to follow that dream. May you always let your faith be greater than your fear."

    "May you never forget, through all of life’s adventures, through every moment of every day, that I walk beside you, cheering you on. Hoping for you, praying for you. Loving you."