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React To Everything Like Anthony Anderson Reacted To His Emmy Nomination

Let his joy for Black-ish be your joy.

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Emmy nominations were announced this morning, with Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham and Black-ish's Anthony Anderson announcing the lucky people and series up for awards this year.

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But the real fun came when Anthony and the Black-ish fam got their nominations. It all started with Anthony's own, for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series...

.@AnthonyAnderson's joy at his Emmy nomination is all I need out of life today.

But his joy didn't only extend to himself. Witness the way he reads the name of his costar, Tracee Ellis Ross, while announcing her nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series.

And here @anthonyanderson is announcing @TraceeEllisRoss's nom like a true friend

And just look at the way he celebrates Black-ish's nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series, a nom that eluded them the year before.

And here @anthonyanderson is reveling in the glory that is #Blackish finally getting that OCS Emmy nom :')

SO MUCH JOY :') :') :').



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