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75 Thoughts Girls With Natural Hair Have

Hear no perm. See no perm. Speak no perm.

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1. DID MY SILK CAP FALL OFF? Don't tell me it fell off!!

2. Crap, it fell off. Why do I even bother.

3. It's cool, it's cool. My silk pillow case came in CLUTCH.

4. But seriously, I need to find where that damn cap went.

5. Oops, raincheck. I'm going out in 9 hours. I'm gonna be late.

6. *Looks in mirror* Oh God.

7. I didn't take the twists out though, maybe it won't be too bad.

8. Oh God.

9. *Eyes flat iron* No, girl don't do it. Be strong. We got this.

10. What is that in the back of my head?


12. How is this going to detangle?

13. Wait no it's just a bobby pin. I was looking for that.

14. *Flips hair back and forth* Nope.

15. *Pulls hair up* Nope.

16. I got nothing. Let's check YouTube.

17. Oh come on, Naptural85. Like my hair could possible get like THAT.

18. They make it look so easy.

19. Can you Photoshop video? I swear these natural hair gurus use Photoshop.

20. Or deep condition with unicorn blood.

21. Organic unicorn blood, of course.

22. Cocoanut Oil is basically unicorn blood substitute, though. I think I'm good.

23. Ok, let's detangle.

24. Ow. Ow. Ow. OWW. Ow.



27. *looks in mirror* nope, too much hair to be bald.

28. in fact, my hair is HUGE!

29. It looks like I've been electrocuted.

30. Wait it's not that bad…Maybe if I just fluff it precisely…

31. NAILED THE FRO!I feel like Solange! YASSS!

32. Wait there might be wind outside…

33. Or rain…

34. Or oxygen…

35. I better weigh it down a bit.

36. *Heads to kitchen for hair products*

37. Let's see, flaxseeds, olive oil, mayo, avocado, banana, coconut oil, rosemary oil, eye of newt…

38. *Grabs blender*

39. *Grabs computer*

40. "Grabs Bible*

41. Ok, the internet says to wash my hair, let this set for 6 hours and I'll look flawless.

42. It smells like Whole Foods. I don't know if that's good or bad.

43. *Hops in shower* Wait, there's no shampoo!

44. When was the last time I used shampoo?

44. When was the last time I bought shampoo?

45. Shampoo is overrated.

46. It's just a marketing ploy to dry your hair out so you buy their conditioner.

47. I will not be victimized, hair product companies!

48. *Looks at conditioner bottle* Pea sized amount? HAHAHA

49. *Empties bottle into palm*

50. Ok, time to put this Whole Foods salad on my hair with a little gel.

51. Eco Styler holds me and my edges DOWN!

52. Bantu Knots.. why are you KNOT staying still?

53. Hehe. hair puns.

54. I'm running out of bobby pins!

55. Ok, finally done. DO NOT MOVE! DON'T YOU DARE.

56. And the plastic cap doesn't fit around my hair.

57. Plastic grocery bag, FTW.

58. Looks like I need 2 grocery bags.

59. What am I supposed to do for the next 6 hours?

60. Time to look up some hairspiration.

61. Wow! look at that GROWTH!

62. How much do those locs weigh?

63. Do I have the head for locs?

64. Maybe one day. Not today though.

65. Locs require commitment. I have commitment issues.

66. Locs are like the Anti-Perm.

67. It's only been 3 hours. Uggh!

68. Screw this, I should just straighten it!

69. I'm sick of playing Russian Roulette with my hair! I'm going to the salon TOMORROW.

70. Blowouts never betrayed me!

71. Ok, 6 hours done! This better be worth it!


73. My hair grew so LONG! Time to go out!

74. Ok, you're my girl, but keep your hands out of my hair.

75. How did I do it? Oh you know, this is my natural hair. I woke up like this.

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