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34 Of The Absolute Worst Home DIY Attempts That Definitelyyy Made Some Neighbors Upset

IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! But if it is, well...

Recently, I found myself on a mind-numbing scroll on r/DiWHY, a Reddit community where people post questionable DIY projects.

A truck DiY-ed together with a ton of different car parts

The mildly horrendous, but wildly entertaining projects I came across reminded me of both my dad and grandpa (RIP), who, in my mind, are the kings of duct tape and the masters of odd DIY jobs. One time I went to turn on the light switch in my grandpa's basement, only to be greeted with a popcorn machine popping fresh popcorn.

My grandfather's popcorn machine that was rigged to the light switch

Anyhoo, I was particularly intrigued by the photos people shared of their neighbors' shoddy DIY projects, mostly because, well, it can impact the value, or at least the optics, of their own home, too.

Sooooo, buckle up and let's get into it:

1. Starting off strong with this green machine faux lawn:

2. Not sure what's going on on the roof of this neighbor's gazebo:

A gazebo with added panels

3. This neighbor DIY-ed their own fence:

A DIY fence made of wood

4. This neighbor decided to do his own brickwork, and I'm pretty sure this is the finished result...

5. "My neighbors added a…foyer? Entry way? To their home and, well…"

Someone tried extending their house themselves

6. This neighbor covered their car with actual blue jeans:

A car covered in jeans

7. This neighbor is building a "retention wall," but I think one slight breeze and this would be a goner:

A person used patio bricks to try and build a retention wall

8. Here's their second attempt. Someone said this person clearly didn't play with legos as a kid.

A second attempt at the retention wall. A little sturdier but still not sturdy

9. This person was gifted "wind chimes" by their neighbor:

A wind chime made of a pot and forks

10. If you squint juuuuust right, you'd miss the fact that this neighbor backed their semi-truck into their house and decided to fix it themselves:

The bricks of someone's garage completed rammed into and curved

11. These neighbors "fixed their fence" that...a headboard and a footboard?

Someone used a headboard and footboard of a bed frame to fill in the hole in their fence

12. This neighbor's new deck sure is a sight for sore eyes:

A concering DIY deck made of wood and real windows that are off center and don't seem to be very sturdy

13. Not sure what's worse, the original or the more complete version:

The completed deck but with windows and wood uneven and nothing really matching

14. I'm kinda obsessed with this dad's DIY "pool cover."

A dad made a dome cover over their blue blow up pool using garden fencing and a dome tarp

15. "What? $500 for a pool?! I can make one out of the crap I have in the garage!"

A DIY pool made of a tarp and held together with bungee cords, pipes, and wood

16. This neighbor "fixed" a hole in their car trunk with pennies and tacky glue, and that, is quite the decision.

A neighbor repaired a rusty hole in their car with pennies

17. This neighbor cut out their car's window tint juuust enough so they could see their side mirror:

A mustang car with dark tints on the driver's side window. There is a hole cut out so that the driver can see the side mirror while they drive

18. This light rig job is definitely something my dad would do. And it will definitely blow away in five seconds.

Outdoor lights sitting atop a flimsy rod

19. This neighbor "fixed" their broken patio roof by tying a new one down to the old one:

Someone used rope to tie a cover on top of a failing roof

20. If this isn't a joke, I'm seriously concerned for the person that thought this would work:

A backboard of a basketball net repaired with a piece of white paper

21. This neighbor didn't know what to do with their stinky shoes so they turned them into succulent holders:

Old sneakers filled with succulents

22. Aw, look! Drake repurposed his bra collection!

A bra filled with flowers hanging on a hanger

23. What's wrong here? Oh, well, the window "panes" are actually made with electrical tape:

24. These neighbors are still using their balcony that basically looks like it's going to fall off the wall:

A balcony that looks like its going to fall off the exterior wall of an apartment

25. This neighbor built an outdoor urinal so he "doesn't have to use the fence anymore":

A urinal installed outside on the wall of someone's house and drains through the rain pipes

26. This neighbor used spray cheese foam to fix the mortar in his bricks:

The mortar holding bricks together filled with spray foam insulation

27. Trampolines are already "dangerous" as the adults say, but to hold it up with BRICK WALLS (???) is actual absurdity:

A trampoline held up with giant brick pieces

28. This is so strange and giving skatepark but it's actually kinda executed well???

Someone bricked their front driveway that is on a curve

29. This neighbor's "Great Wall of China" left me cackling:

Someone's mulch and grass line divided by plates

30. I swear there's an easier way to repair a mailbox...

A DIY mailbox that is a completely mess. The mailbox looks like a former filing cabinet and is held together with scrap pieces

31. Like...maybe some duct tape?

A mailbox held together with duct tape and wood

32. POV: You're the mailman to this house.

A "small business momma" posted her painted cheetah print door on Facebook

33. I was going to end with this neighbor's outdoor sculpture, which genuinely left me speechless.

A sculpture outside of someone's house made of toilets and what looks like a sculpture of someone's legs falling into the toilets

34. But instead, I leave you with this:

A house built up with multiple levels of window panels that looks like it's going to fall apart