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The Eight Stages Of Becoming A Vegetarian

Planning on going veggie after years of living as a carnivore? Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions.

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1. Excitement / Via

"Let's do this! Healthy me starts NOW!"

2. Apathy / Via

"Salad again? How exciting..."

3. Cravings / Via

"ARGH! I just want a Big Mac – it’s all I can think about!"

4. Depression / Via

"Dinner used to be my favourite and now it just makes me sad."

5. Bargaining / Via

"If I eat just a tiny bit of meat now, I won't break super hard later..."

6. Regret / Via

"Oh man, I really shouldn't have eaten all of that McDonalds. It feels like I ate an entire cow..."

7. Determination / Via

"I can do this. I just need to do some research. Damn, that Veggie Lasagna actually looks good..."

8. Acceptance / Via

"This is my life now and I'm better for it. Except when I'm hungover – then I get Big Macs"

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