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20 People Who Deserve "Top Secret Arcs" On Scandal

Because actors hop on the Shonda train to greatness. Look at Joe Morton.

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Recently we got the first mystery casting for the upcoming fourth season of Scandal. Ellen Degeneres tweeted on Tuesday that Portia de Rossi will be on Scandal this fall. Last year we got Paul Adelstein, Jon Tenney, Lisa Kudrow, Jack Coleman & Sally Pressman. Also let's not forget Khandi Alexander. All of them shredding their scenes and killing their lines. When de Rossi got cast I thought about how much I miss the case-of-the-week aspect of Scandal. Like Lisa Edelstein one brilliant episode. All of this lead me to come up with a list of people who would make great clients for Olivia Pope & Associates. Plus I'm hoping de Rossi is a client in Season 4.

Sophie Okonedo

I will always remember her for her role on Hotel Rwanda and I have missed her on screen. We almost had her back on a CBS pilot, but it did not get a series order for the fall.

Matthew Perry


Capable of both funny and serious in the best way. How interesting could the client he plays be?

Alison Pill


Between playing Maggie Jordan and her crazy Snowpiercer character I have seen Alison Pill just draw attention when on screen. That ability would serve her well as a client bringing a case to Olivia Pope.

Hugh Laurie


When the description of the lead in How to Get Away with Murder came out I thought Hugh Laurie could make an awesome come back. Viola Davis is an excellent choice, but a guest turn on Scandal could be a great place for Laurie to return after House.

Jennifer Carpenter


With her pilot at ABC not making it passed the pilot, Carpenter could go to another ABC program. Plus imagine a woman's career put in jeopardy because of a video showing her cursing. Pure irony. Just sayin'.

Taylor Kitsch


After some tough movie failures Kitsch is making his way back with his recent role in HBO's The Normal Heart. There has been some buzz about a possible role in True Detective, but Scandal could a good next move.

Naya Rivera


If she wants an continue acting she needs more than Glee. With her guest star status on the final season the Fox program she would have time for the Shondaland show.

Steve Zahn


Steve Zahn is an actor who does eccentric characters very well. Scandal is a high energy drama with serious stakes, so introducing a character slightly off their rocker could be very interesting.

Sarah Michelle Gellar


The woman who was Buffy Summers and on Cruel Intentions would make one hell of a client.

Lance Gross

After living in Tyler Perry land for a while Gross had a role on NBC's Crisis. Now I enjoy Tyler Perry projects as much as the next person, but Gross needs a role outside of them to branch out.

Sarah Shahi


I think she is kicking ass on Person of Interest, but I really miss Kate Reed. Shahi could throw on the suit and sass for one episode over on Scandal.

Manolo Cardona


Scandal being set in DC let's the show play on an international level. I think the show has not used that avenue to its full advantage. Cardona is an excellent actor who could bring in a compelling and unique story line.

James Spader


Well because James Spader. Obviously.

Bianca Lawson


She's good, but it is time she played a real adult.

Mark Strong


Two Reasons. 1. Low Winter Sun was not the success Strong deserved. 2. He is awesome.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell


A role on Scandal may be the boost this incredible actress needs.

Benjamin Bratt


A Shondaland alum who just had a great role on the newest season of 24.

Michelle Fairley


Because Games of Thrones. Also she showed everyone how powerful business woman should be done when she was on Suits.

Jeffrey Wright


The man can act. Plain and simple.

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