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"Game Of Thrones" And "Gossip Girl" Are The Same And Once You've Seen It, It Can Never Be Unseen

Fire and blood meets Chanel N°5.

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We are just a group of women working at BuzzFeed who don't even make posts, but we came to this realization that GOT and GG are basically the same, and it's got us so shook that we figured we needed to share this theory with the world.

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What's one more GOT theory to add to your repertoire? Join us on our quest to match each Upper East Side native with their kindred soul from the wild world of GOT.

Imagine Kristen Bell's dulcet tones welcoming you into what promises to be an unusually long winter... "Hey Westerosi plebeians, Gossip Girl here. And I have the biggest news ever..."


And then, of course, our Lonely Boys. It took us seven seasons to realize that Gossip Girl and Game of Thrones are literally just about Dan and Jon, respectively. And we were all played THE. ENTIRE. TIME.

But god(s old and new), don't they brood beautifully? Tall, dark, and emotional never looked so good.