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Reasons Why Elena Gilbert Should Just Stay Single

Team Stefan or Team Damon? How about Team Elena should work on some of her underlying emotional issues first?

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Elena has lost her parents, two of her guardians, and her brother (temporarily) to name a few.

Maybe Elena should see a therapist before she runs off to see Stefan or Damon again. Just sayin....

She's a serial dater.

First Matt, then Stefan, then Damon, then Stefan again, then Damon again. How about some "me" time?

She goes for much older men.

Stefan is 163 years old and Damon is 173. That is just plain wrong.

She basically tore apart two brothers for her love.

Seems a little selfish Elena...

Damon tried to kill Elena's brother, and she still dated him.

Does no one see an issue here? HE TRIED TO KILL HER BROTHER!!

Everyone knows Caroline secretly has a thing for Stefan.

What ever happened to chicks before well, you know.

Elena JUST went off to college. She shouldn't be tied down!

Live it up girlfriend. You don't need a man!

It's ok, Elena. We understand.

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