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10 Everyday Struggles Of Working In An Office

Because Office Space knew the struggle is real.

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1. Getting to the office and immediately regretting the decision to come in today / Via

Wait how many sick days do I have left? I think I'm feeling nauseous...

2. Coffee comes before everything / Via

Please don't talk to me until I have a coffee cup in my hand.

3. Having to make small talk with coworkers in the break room / Via

Sooo how was your weekend?

4. Counting down the minutes until your lunch break / Via

Is it lunch time yet?

5. Pretending to pay attention during long, boring meetings. / Via

No but really, is it lunch time yet?

6. Working hard to make it look like you're working hard / Via

If I just put the excel window slightly over the Buzzfeed window...

7. When your boss walks into the office / Via

I don't know if you've noticed how hard I'm working.

8. Making it to lunch, only to feel the crash immediately after / Via

Maybe no one will notice if I just put my head down for just a second...

9. Staring at the clock until it's time to go home / Via

Get me outta here

10. Finally being able to go home, only to realize you have to come back and do it all over again tomorrow / Via

Well, only 50 more years until I can retire.

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