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    25 Gifts Hufflepuffs Will Find Particularly Enchanting

    What the hell is a Hufflepuff!?

    1. Hufflepuff Suspenders

    $14.95, available on

    2. Deathly Hallows Hufflepuff Bracelet

    $11.05, available on Etsy

    3. Hufflepuff Leggings

    $14.90, available on Etsy

    4. Hufflepuff Scented Soy Candle

    $12.00, available on Etsy

    5. Hufflepuff Beer Mug

    $26.75, available on Etsy

    6. Hufflepuff Bathrobe

    $69.99, available on ThinkGeek

    7. Hufflepuff Mug

    $17.50, available on Etsy

    8. Hufflepuff Phone Case

    $19.95, available on Etsy

    9. The Hufflepuff Edition Divination Planner

    $30.00, available on Etsy

    10. Hufflepuff Quidditch Team Sweatshirt

    $28.00, available on Etsy

    11. Hufflepuff Pillow

    $24.95, available on Etsy

    12. "Let's Get HuffleTuff!" Racerback

    $29.00, available in different styles and colors on LookHuman

    13. "Just & Loyal Are True & Unafraid Of toil" Phone Case

    $26.00, available on LookHuman

    14. HufflePuff Ugly Christmas Sweater-Style Blanket

    $49.99, available on LookHuman

    15. Hufflepuff Crest Engraved Wooden Earrings

    $12.00, available on Etsy

    16. Hand Painted Hufflepuff Shoes

    $45, available on Etsy

    17. Hufflepuff Purse

    $28.00, available on Etsy

    18. Hufflepuff House Cookie Cutter

    $6.50, available at Warzone Prints

    19. Hufflepuff Seatbelt Belt

    $23.95, available on

    20. Hufflepuff Socks

    21. Helga Hufflepuff Cup Necklace

    $12.99, available on Bonanza

    22. Hufflepuff Light Switch Cover

    $5.99, available on Etsy

    23. Hufflepuff Headband

    $16.95, available at The Universal Store

    24. Hufflepuff Uniform Dress

    $27.60, available at Hot Topic

    25. Hufflepuff Guys Pajama Pants

    $15.60, available at Hot Topic

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