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16 Struggles All Women With Big Hair Know To Be True

Hair ties snap. Hearts break. Tears fall.

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6. Unless you've found your stylist soulmate, chances are your haircut leaves you with dreaded triangle hair.

7. Your heart clenches in fear whenever someone walks by you with a birthday cake at a restaurant.

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Why would you walk that close to me, there are literally SO many flammable products in my hair right now.


9. Something like this happens whenever you wash/comb/brush.

Brb, gonna knit myself a hair sweater.


14. Washing it is an olympic event.

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Gotta make sure there's enough water pressure, alright now no-poo shampoo to prevent frizz, use half a bottle of conditioner to make sure I get my ends good, use a microfiber towel to dry, schlep in tons of product but DON'T TOUCH IT TOO MUCH.

Now pray. Pray a lot.

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