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15 Gorgeous Photos That Prove Natural Hair Looks Great In Any Color

Rock your texture in any shade

1. This multicolored medley makes you want to reach for a bag of candy.

2. This popping purple is bold, yet still soft and lovely.

3. This beautiful bubblegum gives everyone a new appreciation for the color pink.

4. This beautiful blonde shows that natural hair is versatile and can pull off anything it wants to.

5. A gorgeous grey shows there is no shame in having a few grey hairs.

6. This lovely lavender makes you feel at peace, just like the calming scent.

7. This beautiful blue gives a bold new look to sky-colored hairdos.

8. This outstanding ombre gives you plenty of ideas if you don't want to dye your whole head.

9. This outstanding orange breathes life into an unconventional color.

10. This mystical mermaid scheme makes you want to take a trip under the sea.

11. This gorgeous green shows hair colors look great in electrifying shades.

12. This ravishing red opens your minds up to the possibilities of being a bottle redhead.

13. This glorious gold shows that anyone can pull off being a Goldilocks.

14. This marvelous magenta shows colorful hair can be bold, cute AND edgy.

15. This tantalizing turquoise gets everyone excited for spring!