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    Oh No, Not Another 5 Things You Didn't Know About Parsi Surnames

    More useless trivia from your favourite Writer/Reporter/Khabardar (Pick appropriate Parsi surname)

    1. Bajirao, yes. Mastani, no.

    SLB Productions / Via Youtube

    Bajirao is a bonafide Parsi surname. Jai Maharashtra!

    2. Chor Police

    Via Udaipur Times

    We have Inspectors, Darogas and Havaldars but no Chor. The closest we have is Chhor.

    3. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


    Bh...Bh...Bh...Bh...Bhoot. It...It...It...It...It's also a Parsi surname.

    4. Who's your Daddy?

    Interscope Communications/Silver Screen Partners III/Touchstone Pictures

    Dadyburjor? Dadyseth? Dadysethna? Dadi? Dadina? Dadinath? Dadimaster? Dadachanji? Dadabhoy?

    5. Kandawalla marries Gheewalla. Becomes Vagharwalla.


    Not. But if she remarries, she could become Vaghaiwalla.

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