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    3 Reasons Why I Want To Work For BuzzFeed India At 42

    A declaration of BuzzFeed <3 (Also sincere flattery to land a job)

    Such awesomely outstanding young talent as co-workers

    Sahil Rizwan/Imaan Sheikh/Rega Jha / Via the Interwebz

    I've been fans of Imaan Sheikh and Sahil Rizwan ever since I saw their work for the first time, and now I'm developing a grudging admiration for Rega Jha.

    About the only place that mixes pop culture, social comment and creativity

    BuzzFeed India / Via Twitter

    When I was growing up, that one place was Mad magazine. Today, it's probably BuzzFeed.

    It's the future of writing!


    No, not really. But it's the present. The future is as nebulous today, as the idea of BuzzFeed was yesterday.

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