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    17 Creative Indian Number Plates

    The rules don't really allow you to create your own personalized number plates. But hey, it's India. Just bend the rules

    1. Big 8055 chahte hai ki...

    2. Saurav Ganguly aka 4141

    3. Who heads the Nationalist Congress Party? 2124 4912!

    4. Shirdi ke 5171 baba

    5. Or is it Shirdi ke 2115 baba?

    6. Hare Krishna Hare 214

    7. Punjab Sindh Gujarat 4216

    8. My name is 2917 and I am not a terrorist

    9. But I am a 4522

    10. 2151 Thackeray founded the...

    11. ...4927!

    12. Wake Up, 510!

    13. Prime Minister Narendra 4749

    14. Salman 8491!

    15. I 8079 you!


    16. Mi 9113. Tumhi kaun?

    17. Mi tujha 7171.

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