• 1. JFK

    Hooooooo boy, that carpet. Jackie, what kind of ship were you running? (Via.)

  • 2. FDR

    Yikes, I fear those curtains. (Via.)

  • 3. Harry Truman

    Again, curtains not great, but I have a bigger problem with the maroon upholstery.(Via.)

  • 4. Dwight D. Eisenhower

    That looks like the most uncomfortable couch in Presidential history. (Via.)

  • 5. Jimmy Carter

    Very drab late 70s color scheme. (Via.)

  • 6. Bill Clinton

    Hate the curtains, love the couches. Carpet and flag are a little matchy matchy for my tastes. (Via.)

  • 7. George W. Bush

    Maybe the worst of all the carpets. Fine, except for JFK’s. (Via.)

  • 8. George H. W. Bush

    Good accessories. (Via.)

  • 9. Richard Nixon

    The flags are stately! The curtains are mediocre at best. (Via.)

  • 10. Barry Obama

    The couches are a little too late-90s Pottery Barn, but I L-O-V-E the wallpaper.

  • 11. Calvin Coolidge

    Classy. (Via.)

  • 12. Ronald Reagan

    Somehow the Morning In America carpet is forgivable? It’s a different color scheme than W’s? Oh god, I even like the accent pillows. (Via.)