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The Ugliest Oval Offices Of The 20th Century

How does Barry's Oval Office Makeover stack up historically? Better than his presidency! (Try the veal!) Prepare yourself for ugly curtains and tasteful Republicans.

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  • 1. JFK

    Hooooooo boy, that carpet. Jackie, what kind of ship were you running? (Via.)

  • 2. FDR

    Yikes, I fear those curtains. (Via.)

  • 3. Harry Truman

    Again, curtains not great, but I have a bigger problem with the maroon upholstery.(Via.)

  • 4. Dwight D. Eisenhower

    That looks like the most uncomfortable couch in Presidential history. (Via.)

  • 5. Jimmy Carter

    Very drab late 70s color scheme. (Via.)

  • 6. Bill Clinton

    Hate the curtains, love the couches. Carpet and flag are a little matchy matchy for my tastes. (Via.)

  • 7. George W. Bush

    Maybe the worst of all the carpets. Fine, except for JFK's. (Via.)

  • 8. George H. W. Bush

    Good accessories. (Via.)

  • 9. Richard Nixon

    The flags are stately! The curtains are mediocre at best. (Via.)

  • 10. Barry Obama

    The couches are a little too late-90s Pottery Barn, but I L-O-V-E the wallpaper.

  • 11. Calvin Coolidge

    Classy. (Via.)

  • 12. Ronald Reagan

    Somehow the Morning In America carpet is forgivable? It's a different color scheme than W's? Oh god, I even like the accent pillows. (Via.)