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The Hottest Dudes On France's World Cup Team

So pretty it hurts to look. Here is some related reading about the French team. And here are some more hot soccer players. Allez les bleus!

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  • Meet Yoann Gourcuff!

    Yoann In Action!

  • Yoann Getting Focused.

  • Yoann On The Hunt.

  • Yoann Victorious!

  • Happy Yoann!

  • Yoann Showing The Way To The Gun Show

  • Yoann Plots Revenge.

  • Surprised Yoann!

  • Suave Yoann.

  • Suaver Yoann.

  • Yoann The Sun King!

  • Yowza Yoann.

  • Yoann Reads This Post!

  • Brooding Yoann.

  • (I don't even know.)

  • OK, good talk! See you tomorrow for the hot Germans.