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The 9 Cutest Former Heartthrobs

For every Andrew McCarthy, there's a Joshua Jackson, who gets dreamier by the day. Do you think these men get laid more now than they did in the early 90s? Discuss.

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  • 1. Joshua Jackson

    10x hotter than on Dawson's Creek, no question, and now with a side of funny!

  • 2. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

    Tim Riggins + Dawson Leary = Adult Zach Morris. Can't you see it?

  • 3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Maybe JGL wasn't technically a "heartthrob" back in the day, but he was certainly featured in an issue of Tiger Beat. Generation JTT, if you were 5 years younger you'd have been into this.

  • 4. Neil Patrick Harris

    Maybe having 3 names is the secret to aging success?

  • 5. Christian Bale

    I wonder if he still has these moves.

  • 6. Jason Bateman

    I think I have that coat. (The one on the left. The Teen Wolf 2 coat.)

  • 7. Josh Brolin

    Just ignore the W hair and the assault rumors.

  • 8. Rob Lowe

    Rob Lowe is what Tom Cruise would have looked like if Tom Cruise had aged well.

  • 9. Joey McIntyre

    Those eyes! (He's also very funny in MA Men, you should watch it.)