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The 10 Actual Hottest US Senators

You may have read some femiblogger outrage today about Harry Reid's comments calling Kristen Gillibrand the "hottest" senator. Can we get a fucking fact-check in here, Harry? KG barely cracks the Top 10. (These are politicians; please adjust your expectations accordingly.)

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  • 1. John Thune (South Dakota)

    If the Republicans don't run this guy in 2012, they are as dumb as they currently appear to be. He even has nerd glasses.

  • 2. Carte Goodwin (West Virginia)

    He was the guy appointed to fill Robert Byrd's seat, and he probably won't make it past November. But still.

  • 3. Scott Brown (Massachusetts)

    Don't forget the Playboy photos.

  • 4. Mark Warner (Virginia)

    You wouldn't say no.

  • 5. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

    She is the prettiest female politician in Alaska, hands down. How dare they vote her out.

  • 6. Evan Bayh (Indiana)

    Here we have the Midwest version of the Edwards Babyface.

  • 7. Maria Cantwell (Washington)

    If I were Maria Cantwell, I would be stocking up on Kaltene bars for Gillebrand.

  • 8. Kirsten Gillibrand (New York)

    Fine, Harry. #9

  • 9. Russ Feingold (Wisconsin)

    His Lone Soldier of Truth thing is sort of appealing.

  • 10. Sherrod Brown (Ohio)

    I don't know. It's pretty hard to find ten hot senators.