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Scenes from a Tea Party

Today it is your American duty to laugh at pictures of people from the crazy Tea Parties. Here are some early favorites--please add any more that touch your heart. Bonus points for anyone in a Snuggie.

  • 1. Steeped In Anger

    (Via Wonkette)

  • 2. Mooning in America

    (Via HuffPo)

  • 3. Obligatory Ayn Rand, Lipstick Pig References

    (Via Michelle Malkin)

  • 4. Take My Land, Though, No Prob

    (Via BWE)

  • 5. Naked Obama with Elmo

    (Via Wonkette)

  • 6. Chamomile Uncle Sam

    (Via AP)

  • 7. The Urkel

    (Via Jezebel)

  • 8. Pig with Hat and Sign

    (Via Michelle Malkin)

  • 9. Pork Rinds in a Wagon

    (Via Tea Blogging)

  • 10. Michelle Malkin Loves Pork!

    (Via Michelle Malkin)

  • 11. Chained Baby (Is the baby supposed to drink the stimulus or not? I am unclear.)

    (Via BWE)