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Rush Limbaugh's Wedding Photos

Rush Limbaugh got married! Then he posted all his wedding photos to Facebook, so that you tell him how presidential he looks. Schmoozing with Elton John is particularly presidential.

  • Marriage is between one man and four women over the course of your lifetime.

  • "Look, I have friend(s) who are black!"

  • "And then one time, when Rush was hopped up on Oxy..."

  • Terrorist fist bump alert.

  • Is that ceiling mural like a T.J. Eckleburg thing?

  • Elton John was paid $1 million to play at the wedding. So that's why.

  • "Please don't tell anyone I ever agreed to play at your wedding. The secret makes it special."

  • "Oh fuck there weren't supposed to be any photographs of me with this guy."

  • Right before Rush climbed on stage to sing "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" with Elton.

  • (running for the exit)

  • That is the look of a woman who just realized she is going to be married to Rush Limbaugh for the next 5 years (or however long these things usually last).