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    Rashida Jones, Dream Stealer

    Did you hear that Rashida Jones is dating Jon Favreau (the Obama speechwriter, not the puffy actor). She is! This after dating basically every other Thinking Woman's Crush in the greater Hollywood area. Seriously, please see below. I think the entire female internet would SWF her if possible.

    • Jon Favreau

      aka Real Life Sam Seaborn. Please read more here. (This image was photoshopped, but it gives you an idea).

    • Mark Ronson

      These two were engaged in the early aughts, I can't even talk about it.

    • Paul Rudd

      Ok, so this was only an onscreen thing, but still.

    • Seth Meyers


    • John Krasinski

      Karen and Jim went IRL.

    • Tobey Maguire

      I know he's a little slimy now, but you would have dated him circa 2002. You know it.