1. Olympics on NBC

Oh man, you guys. 5 seconds in and I’m crying. Triumphs of the human spirit are about to happen, before our very eyes!!!!

2. Meet the Press

Serious things are about to be discussed. Put on your glasses and your stern look, now. Also: RIP Timmy.

3. Situation Room:

This is the only song that can get me excited to hear Wolf Blitzer speak.

4. ABC Evening News:

Your typical “I’m at my grandparents house and it’s 6:30” orchestral arrangement. It has a nice urgency, though.

5. NPR All Things Considered:

I can’t hear this without feeling carsick after a long ride home from dance class in like 3rd grade, but still. The extended version is AWESOME.

6. 60 Minutes:

Simple. Elegant. Andy Rooney is tangentially involved. It’s obligatory.

7. NBA on NBC

Ok, so technically I promised news-only but come on. I’d never seen this video before last week, but apparently the rest of you have been living with it for a while. Anyway: John Tesh + answering machine + NBA = instant glory.