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Losing Your Virginity On A Teen Drama

The Gossip Girl threesome was incredibly boring, as far as highly anticipated PG-13 sexual encounters on network television go. Here are some memories to make up for it. (Cue Paula Cole.)

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  • Brenda and Dylan (90210)

    I vividly remember sneaking out of my room to watch this episode because my mother thought I was too young to watch.

  • Pacey and the Teacher (Dawson's Creek)

    This takes care of Pacey's virginity. Also: steamy.

  • Pacey And Joey (Dawson's Creek)

    This takes care of Joey's virginity. Also: sigh.

  • Angela and Jordan* (My So Called Life)

    *Yeah, ok, so they didn't have sex, but you thought I was going to make this list without Jordan Catalano? No.

  • Bailey and Sarah (Party of Five)

    Poor Scott Wolf.

  • Nathan and Haley (One Tree Hill)

    Sorry, there were only tribute videos available for this one. Fun fact: One Tree Hill is very big in France.

  • Seth and Summer (The O.C.)

    That was predictable.

  • Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

    I miss you, Season One Josh Schwartz.

  • Matt and Julie (Friday Night Lights)

    CLEAR EYES FULL HEARTS CAN LOSE YOUR VCARD (You've been a great audience! Try the veal.)