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    Lobster Cat Is The New Lobster Baby

    So notes Best Week Ever. I love Lobster Baby as much as anyone on the internet, but it's 2009, and I think we're ready for something more. Think outside the box, put that lobster costume on your cat. We can all be crustaceans.

    • Traditional Lobster Cat

      (Image Via)

    • Boiled Lobster Cat

      (Via OMG Kitty!!!)

    • Half-Assed Lobster Cat

      (Image Via)

    • Lobster Cat On The Run

      (Image Via)

    • Pensive Lobster Cat

      (Image Via)

    • Humiliated Lobster Cat

      (Image Via)

    • Emo Lobster Cat

      (Image Via)

    • The Original Lobster Baby

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