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Lisa Murkowski

This week in Alaska Politicians: Lisa Murkowski, Republican and senior senator from Alaska, is maybe about to lose has officially lost her seat (really, just the nomination for her seat) to a Palin-endorsed Tea Party candidate.

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Murkowski was heavily favored to win in the primary against the underfunded Joe Miller, whose main qualifications appear to be having an Alaskan birth certificate and ending every Tweet with a #teaparty hashtag.

He also looks like a youth minister at your local guitar playing megachurch:

For her part, Murkowski comes from an Alaskan political dynasty (basically the Kennedys of American Russia) and has maintained the Alaskan tradition of getting into ethical trouble for stuff. She's otherwise known as a moderate (pro-choice), relatively reasonable Republican. She also looks good in fur:

and enjoys fishing:

Palin's Miller endorsement was widely interpreted as a means of settling scores with Murkowski (though Murkowski's ability to actually complete terms, as well as to compromise with Democrats, probably did not help her on the Tea Party scene.)

As of 10AM EST, Miller was leading with 45,188 votes to Murkowski's 42,633 votes.

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