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Keanu Responds To Sad Keanu

NYMag's Vulture interviewed Keanu Reeves about a bunch of movie stuff, and then they asked him about Sad Keanu. He plays dumb (but amused). I still think he's Joaquin Phoenix-ing us.

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You're taking over the Internet. Have you seen all the "Sad Keanu" stuff out there?

My publicist showed me the photo, but no.

There's not one photo. There are millions. You're Photoshopped next to kittens and into Pulp Fiction and next to the cast of The Breakfast Club, and in a million different ways. Have you seen those?

Oh, that's funny! No, no, I haven't seen them.

There are millions, really. Google "Sad Keanu." You haven't?

[Laughs.] No.

Seriously, though, this is one of the reasons I think one of the big appeals of you as an actor is that people are always straining to figure out what's on your mind, what you're thinking, why you're sad...There's thousands of people doing this.

Wow. So, what, now they're putting me next to other objects?

Yes! For instance, right now I'm looking at you in some Banksy graffiti, you next to a panda.

That's so funny.

You with a cheerleader, but you don't notice her...

Oh, that's funny. So they like take paparazzi pictures and re-contextualize them? Funny.

Read the whole interview here.

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