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How To Look Punk

And now, some hot style tips coming to you all the way from 1977. The author of this guide was "internationally known in the industry for her marketing ability in current-trend perception," so listen carefully. (via metafilter)

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  • "Looking punk" is best achieved using ordinary things around the house.

  • The "symbol" of punk rock is a saftey pin (worn through ears, lips, nose or on clothing.)

  • A very important theatric of the punk look is asymmetry.

  • So while punk rock is probably the start of a musical revolution, and certainly the beginning of a clothing revolution, both can be staged in theatrics, hostilely pogoing, or simply being understated in conceptual chic.

  • Buy approximately 27 inches of heavy gauge chain from the hardware store, join ends with a tiny metal lock, to make a necklace.

  • A pair of punk suspenders can be made from regular cord, also, or from parachute straps found at a surplus store. Canvas luggage straps, or oversized toy plastic chains work too.

  • Get the whole PDF here.