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Happy 90210 Day!

Today is 9-02-10 (in the US), which means you are legally required to spend all day watching old clips of the West Beverly gang. I've collected some of my favorites, but please add your own--there are so many (plus I sort of checked out after Kelly got that platinum pixie cut.)

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  • Brenda Loses Her V-Card:

  • Dylan's Dad Dies :(

  • Donna Martin Graduates:

  • Brenda's Pregnancy Scare:

  • Kelly's Mom Is A Drunk:

  • David Raps:

  • Dylan is an alcoholic:

  • Brenda & Dylan Break Up:

  • Brenda finds out about Dylan and Kelly:

  • David's Intervention:

  • Dylan, Brandon, and the gun:

  • Clare (Ugh):

  • Brenda Gets Married in Vegas:

  • Donna Loses Her V-Card:

  • "I Choose Me:"

  • Finally, please enjoy this excellent video tribute to Kelly and Dylan's love