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Barbara Boxer's Hair

Carly Fiorina, aka the GOP's California Senate candidate or Sheep Lady, had a little open-mic incident wherein she dissed her lady opponent's hair. Let's discuss.

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  • The worst part, aside from the cat-fighting, is that Fiorina recently underwent chemo for breast cancer, so we can't make fun of her hair. Otherwise you totally would! She probably knew this and intentionally dropped the comment on the open mic (See: West Wing) in order to make Babs look old and to play the cancer card. I said it! Anyway, here is an examination of Senator Boxer's hair, which is really not that bad.

  • the natural grey

    Aging gracefully!

  • the bob (maybe not her BEST look)

    Ehhh sleek is not really that great a hair choice unless you're Twiggy.

  • the Meg Ryan


  • shoulder-length bob


  • In Conclusion:

    Don't vote for Carly Fiorina! She is undermining women, has bad taste, and is basically a teabagger.